The modular squeegee holder system

The Advantages compared to other squeegee holders

By using different modular parts, the operator can change his squeegee in very short time in order to work with fluid adhesives and viscous pastes.

Due to the modular construction of the new squeegee system the price is reasonable. On the one hand, the squeegee offers a large variety of processes to be used in. On the other hand, squeegee blades can be used up to four times, because the blades are clamped into the holder.

The cost of one set of squeegee holders is lower compared to OEM parts.

Better paste movement due to the superior geometry of the basic squeegee holder element.

The modular squeegee system consists of

  • head with either 60° or 65° angle
  • basic squeegee holder element
  • counter part for metal blades (two versions: short and long)
  • counter part for polyurethane squeegees
  • Side Dams /side solder deflectors
  • metal squeegee blade, polyurethane suqeegee blade

Explanation of the components

Head with either 60° or 65° angle

This head is the junction between squeegee holder and printer. By choosing an angle of 60° or 65°, the printing angle between squeegee and stencil can be changed. The head and the basic element are connected by three screws. EMS also manufactures customized angle heads, e. g. angles between 50° and 85°.

Basic squeegee holder element

The basic element is the central part of the modular squeegee holder system. Head, counterpart, and side solder deflectors are attached to it. Its length depends on the printing width and can be manufactured according to customer requirement. Common lengths range between 100mm and 600mm, in steps of 50mm (100mm, 150mm, 200mm …). The basic squeegee element has a special geometry on the front to enhance the process of paste movement. This prevents the paste from sticking to the squeegee holder. Thus, no dried paste can get back to the process. The rheological attributes of the paste cannot be corrupted by imported particles. The print result is improved and the defects (dpm) are reduced.

Counterpart for metal blades

The counter part for metal blades is available in two versions. The intention is to vary the flexibility of the metal blade. The short counterpart only gives little support to the blade, what makes the blade more flexible. Whereas the long counterpart supports the blade a lot, thereby the blade’s flexibility is low. The counter parts are made as long as the basic element. The blades get to be clamped between the two holders.

Counterpart for polyurethane squeegees

The counterpart for polyurethane squeegees is designed to clamp poly blades with a width up to 10mm. By the use of the clamping system, poly blades can be additionally supported by a metal blade. The counter part is made as long as the basic element.

Side solder deflectors

The side solder deflectors are adjusted to the angle of the head. Thereby, the side solder deflectors are drawn over the stencil with an exact angle of 90° in order to avoid paste loss by elapsing to both sides. The reduction of used paste is significant. It has a good influence on the printing process and its result by not leaking to the sides.

Metal blade

The EMS metal squeegee blades are made of stainless steel and treated with an anodizing coating. Due to the clamping system, no screwing is necessary. This enables us to polish all edges. Thus, a metal blade can be used up to four times longer by turning the blade to the other side.

Polyurethane blade

EMS offers a wide range of poly blades. They come in different shore hardness from 65 to 95 shore and dimensions. They are cut matching the length of the basic element and the counterpart.