Squeegees and Squeegee Blades
Modular squeegee holder for ERSA and EKRA

The modular squeegee holder system has been developed by EMS and EKRA. The aim here was to produce a tool with which the operator can fulfill the ever rising demands in SMT printing and enhance his flexibility.

Squeegees are available in the following lengths: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm,… up to 600mm.

Further explanations on the advantages of the system are provided here

We also carry an assortment of squeegee blades for earlier EKRA squeegee holder systems. Please contact us.

Squeegees and Squeege Baldes for MPM and DEK


We carry squeegees for original MPM squeegee holder systems. On request we also produce squeegee holders for MPM.


We carry an assortment of squeegee metal blades for original DEK squeegee holder systems as well as squeegee holders for DEK in the following sizes: 70mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 440mm und 535mm.

Polyurethane (PU) Squeegees

EMS polyurethane blades are mechanically produced from high quality polyurethane (not molded!). EMS offers polyurethane blades in different shore hardness from 65 to 95 durometer.

The precise mechanical manufactured squeegee blades are solvent free, have presentsharp borders, show a higher factor of tolerance than the molded squeegee blades and they can be manufactured mechanically to every common screen print.

Please go by shore hardness not by color. Codes of color of the squeegees can vary.

We deliver squeegee blades and squeegee holders in OEM specifications and we guarantee a frictionless operational application. Our delivery program contains metal blades and squeegee holders for printers of leading sceen printer manufacturers such as ERSA, EKRA, DEK, and MPM as well as polyurethane blades.

Our metal squeegee blades can be placed directly on the OEM squeegee blade holders,fixed either by pressure or screws. The non-porous EMS squeegee blade cover permits an easy cleaning of the blades. The squeegee blades are created mechanically and offer a higher operational accomplishment.

EMS also offers custom-made squeegee holders and customized metal blades. Our screen printer blades have approved standard and are chosen over OEM blades by many customers. Reason is the elaborate treatment and polishing of our squeegee blades to fulfill your demand for a best possible squeegee.